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5 Revealing Benefits and 2 Major Techniques of Weight Loss Surgery

2Everyone, who has ever tried to deal with excessive weight through appetite control and strict dieting, encountered tough struggles with the feeling of severe hunger that is very hard to suppress when you are significantly cut on the daily calorie intake. If diets and exercising plans fail to melt extra pounds, while obesity threatens with serious health complications, a weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) is a worthy option to be taken into consideration.

What’s the Main Idea of a Bariatric Surgery?

A weight loss surgery aims at making changes to the stomach and/or small intestine in order to limit the amount of food the stomach can hold or reduce the time of the food stay in the small intestine for digestion and absorption. These goals can be achieved with the following operations:

  • Reduction of the stomach size with a gastric band
  • Removal of a stomach portion
  • Shortening of the small intestine’s length
  • Change of the spot, where the small intestine connects to the stomach

The options, listed above, succeed at restricting food intake and, therefore, extra weight is lost efficiently and quickly. Nowadays there are 2 major techniques, applied by surgeons:


  1. Restrictive surgery for the stomach
  2. Malabsorptive surgery for the small intestine

Whether to decide on a bariatric surgery or not is definitely a responsible choice. As with any surgery, certain risk and complications, such as post-surgical lifestyle implications, infections, blood clots and hernias, are possible in the given case too, whereas, the advantages speak for themselves.

Benefits of a Weight Loss Surgery

  1. Quick results and long-term weight loss
  2. Recovery from diabetes
  3. Reduction of high cholesterol and risks of liver disease
  4. Improvement and prevention of cardiovascular problems
  5. Reduction in mortality due to obesity-related medial conditions

If you are significantly overweight and your obesity impairs not only your life style but general health as well, while all your attempts to lose weight through diet, physical activity and medical therapy have failed, you are an appropriate candidate for a bariatric surgery.

Indications for a Bariatric Surgery

  • Men 100 and more pounds overweight
  • Women 80 and more pounds overweight
  • Obese people with serious coexisting medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or sleep apnea

Having a 40-year-old history of practice and being considered generally safe, a bariatric surgery can eliminate numerous serious risk factors with a single procedure. It’s truly a great solution for those, who are exhausted in an unequal battle with obesity.

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